I am a witch

If you Jacknicholson me, I might go all Eastwick on you but this has nothing to do with me having mastered The Craft. Well… it is a superpower, a blessing and a curse, but despite what some think it is not magic. Continue reading I am a witch

The Murky Window Theorem

I recently told someone I was too romantic to cut my grass on a regular basis.

– I love it when it is outgrown and fluffy. When I say “I’m romantic”, I mean it in the literary sense. Romanticism, with nature representing the character’s state of mind. I realised yesterday that my garden echoes the chaos in my head. Continue reading The Murky Window Theorem

The Whale and The Shiny Little Thing Paradox

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I put on a nature documentary, preferably on marine life. There’s something about the sea that is smoothing and allows me to tune off. The other night, I found an episode on high seas I hadn’t seen. As I started it, the contradiction of my action hit me yet again: deep water scares me. By this I don’t mean I get a bit hesitant when it comes to swimming in open waters; as soon as my feet cannot touch the ground, terror runs through my veins. It floods my muscles and I feel them spams while I frantically swim. My mind spins out of control at the thought of something huge – most certainly a shark but why not a behemoth never before seen – grabbing me from the darkness below. Continue reading The Whale and The Shiny Little Thing Paradox

La Vi is gifted

I knew I was different as a child, I just could not place how. One day, I saw a documentary or read something about gifted children and thought “That’s it. I am a genius.” I fantasized somebody would recognize me as one and I would be put in a special school where I’d learn a lot and have friends (little 9-year-old me was pretty lonely and depressed, remember?). It did not happen. Continue reading La Vi is gifted