Be sad

 I recently heard someone ask “Can’t people stop complaining?” and it hit me. I am a big fan of the “stop being such a victim” stance. I hate whiners, people who, when having the opportunity to do so (because some don’t, please keep that in mind), do not change their circumstances. I mean, you can bitch a bit, even often for some, but at some point, your negativity will be toxic to me and I’ll step away from it.
‘Cause that’s what strong people do, right? They’re resilient but they also know when to “move along, nothing to see here”. Well, yes. And no. You know what strong people are? They are people who have been hurt and rose from their ashes. They are people who messed up and learned their lessons. They did it because they are sensitive, not because they’re rocks with no feelings. They seem invincible and when hit, get hit with the strength of a meteor because of their perceived immortality. They step away, sometimes avoiding the blow, sometimes taking it full blast; they deal the f with it. But, every now and again, they can’t fake it and they falter; sometimes, they’re knocked over. They’re not victims, they’re not whiners, so they won’t complain; their soft cry won’t be heard by an untrained ear. Only their loved ones pick on it… to no avail. For a strong person who hit the floor needs to lay there for a little while. Let them have it. They are allowed even if they have a roof over their head, food in their belly, healthy loved ones; even if they seemingly have it all. Don’t pull, don’t push. Tell them it is OK to feel lost, to not have the answers or the strength to look for them; tell them it is OK to complain, it is OK to cry, it is OK to feel overwhelmed by sadness. It does not mean they are weak. It takes a strong person to admit pain. It takes strength to overcome the fear of hurting.

Showing your feelings, whatever the culture you were raised in told you, is not a sign you are losing control; it means you are able to let go.

You are a soul with a human form. You are made of feelings. It is fine. Vibrate at that low frequency until you are ready for a higher pitch. You will rise for that is what you do. That is what strong people do. So, be strong and be sad.


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